Crotched Parks


Crotched Mountain offers up three progressive terrain parks spread out across the mountain - CM Park, NCC-1701 and Zero-G Progression Park.  These parks vary in size and can offer something for the experienced freestyle enthusiast to the smallest grom looking simply get the smallest amount of "air."

Always be sure to stick by the Park Etiquette Smart Style Code while skiing and riding through the Crotched Parks.  Respect gets Respect!

OUr Parks

CM TERRAIN PARK - Located on lower Magnitude

CM Park offers the largest features at Crotched and is one of our most popular parks.  It's the site of our annual Block Party and other signature events.  Guests will find a variety of jibs and jumps catering to those looking to practice their technical rail tricks or airs. 

NCC-1701 - Located at the base of Jupiter's Storm to Galaxy trails

NCC-1701 offers up medium jumps and jibs and can be accessed from both Jupiter's Storm & Galaxy.  This park is a stepping stone for those looking to advance from the small features of Zero-G to the bigger rails/jumps of CM Park.

ZERO G - Located on Zero G

The smallest features at Crotched can be found at Zero-G, including ride-on jibs and small jumps to provide the best opportunity to polish up your skills prior to heading to NCC-1701. On the right side of Zero-G you will also find a series of banked turns and rollers to practice pumping and railing turns on.