USSA Race Programs

Program Information

We are actively working to identify changes necessary to offer our seasonal programs while upholding best practices for the safety of staff and guests. Details and pricing will be provided in the next several weeks.

Our multi-week race programs are sure to bring out the best in your athlete with a specialized coaching staff that is consistent week-to-week, custom race training plans and a focus on what it takes to race well on USSA courses. If you want an athlete to be the best ski racer they can be, the Race Program is your answer.

Race programs are now broken down by USSA age grouping. USSA Programs are full day competitive race training programs, using guidelines from the United States Ski Association [USSA], to facilitate long-term athlete development. Includes gate training according to the age/competition level. Target starting dates are Mid-December (weather and conditions permitting). Some programs require additional association membership. All programs require a parent race worker committment.

Crotched Mtn Race Club

Our seasonal race programs and race events are supported by the Crotched Mtn Race Club, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. To get all the event details and schedules for the season, make sure to register for their website at Crotched Mountain Race Club. That is your hub for all race info! For event info, visit the Crotched Mountain Events Page.

All USSA programs include a parent race worker commitment. In order to operate large-scale race events for the USSA racers it takes a large volume of people and we rely on the assistance from racer parents. Each racer parent is required to complete (15) DIBS points of volunteer time. The DIBS system is software based and assigns point values to each volunteer position and handles volunteer position registration. Incentives will be announced shortly for completing your volunteer requirements. All racers parents are required to complete this volunteer time, which helps us execute the events and make it a great experience for the racers! Visit the Race Club website to review available DIBS positions and register.