hardcore hundred

congratulations, you've made it! 

For folks who have completed (5) consecutive Hampshire 100 or Crotched Mtn Hundred races AND FINISHED, gain access to an exclusive club of endurance animals, the Hardcore Hundred. For completing this feat of mtn bike and trail run endurance, we're offering each Hardcore Hundred entrant the following items, for their achievements 

  • Custom Hardcore Hundred race bib 
  • Exclusive Hardcore Hundred race certificate 
  • Supplemented swag bags with gear and swag from event sponsors 

Racers will receive their package on the 5th consecutive year only. All others are represented in past years, via the Hardcore Hundred hall of fame, below.

2017 Race  

If you're reaching this milestone in 2017, please e-mail us, so that we can prepare your custom race bib and Hardcore Hundred certificate. Since we have taken over the event rights to the Hampshire 100, it'd help for you to send us this info. E-mail Organizers 

Past Hardcore Classes 

Check out the Hampshire 100 Website for past year's Hardcore classes