CM Course Description

What can you expect out there?


Trail Description: A collection of single and endurance friendly double track on a 31.5 mile loop course, plus a 1.5 mile start loop departing the event venue on lap 1.

Description of trails from start: Right away, racers head out for the 1.5 mile start loop that winds up some paved and gravel condo roads, adjacent to the ski area. Eventually the trail climbs into a wooded single track area and slowly climbs it's way up the mountain. Racers exit the woods onto ski trails and traverse across the ski area heading out Jeep roads to head down Mountain Road and out of the event venue area, to head onto the rest of the course. After descending a few miles of pavement, riders then buckle up for the Bullard Hill climb, a rugged Jeep road climb up and over yet another mountain, before heading down into the Greenfield Trails Association network.

From there, competitors dive right into all that New Hampshire has to offer mountain bikers, rocks, roots, and tight, twisty, challenging riding. Once passing through the old venue at Oak Park, there is a good 4+ mile section that allows you to stretch your legs and recover from the beating you've just put them through. It's not over yet though, when you reach the bottom of Muzzy Hill you climb the remainder of the way back on both Jeep roads & single track to the start/finish here at Crotched Mtn Ski and Ride. This course is no walk in the park, it's one tough hombre, completing it is an accomplishment!

Approximately 3500 feet of elevation gain on the loop, translating to 10,000+ feet for those taking on the 100 mile challenge.

Estimated Course Composition 

  • 50% Doubletrack/Jeep Trails
  • 35% Singletrack (technical and New Englandy) 
  • 10% Dirt Road 
  • 5% Paved Road