CM Course Description

What can you expect out there?


Trail Description: A collection of single and endurance friendly double track on a 33 mile loop course. Description of trails from start: Right off the bat, racers will depart the ski area and begin winding up the mtn, for a "spreading out" loop, that willonly be completed for lap #1. From there, competitors dive right into the woods and begin their 33 mile loops. Among the notable new trails included is Big Rock Trail, expected to quickly become a rave favorite among competitors. It is approximately 1.5 miles of mostly downhill, with one of those giant New Hampshire boulders dead center that is bridged on both sides, making for a great ride over.  A brief stint of dirt woods road sets the rider up for the home stretch of the "Triple F" singletrack (Fast, Flowing, and Fun) that Greenfield Trails Association is so well known for. Although some of the "challenging favorites" of the past have been tabled again for this year, this still should be considered an adventurous ride of no small measure, as New Hampshire is known to dish out. Plenty of singletrack to test the skills and soul. There is also approximately 3500 feet of elevation gain on the loop, translating to 10,000+ feet for those taking on the 100 mile challenge.

Estimated Course Composition 

  • 60% Doubletrack/Jeep Trails
  • 25% Singletrack (technical and New Englandy) 
  • 10% Dirt Road 
  • 5% Paved Road 


This year's course will be very similar to the trail run course in year's past, when the event was the Hampshire 100. The 50 K loop passes through three towns (100 K runners do 2 laps.) The 50 and 100 kilometer trail run will travel over much of the same, although not identical, trails that have become so popular for the endurance mountain bike event, with significant stretches reserved solely for trail runners. The trails will wind through the beautiful, varied, and frequently challenging terrain of Southern New Hampshire.